Active Gear for Active Lifestyles

No matter what adventure you choose, our Triton dry bags are the perfect companion to an active, outdoor lifestyle. With its comfortable, back-pack style harness, durable PVC material, and water-tight enclosures, you can enjoy your favorite activities with confidence that your personal belongings are safe.

Two girls having fun on a boat with vault dry bags
Vault Active Gear Scuba Diving Waterproof Drybag Backpack

Keep Water Where it Belongs

(Out of your stuff).

We all love water, whether its at the beach, white water rafting, or a day of boating on the lake. But nobody likes it in their stuff. Phone's, Wallets, Makeup... none of it works well wet. Thats why we've created our premier line of dry bag storage solutions to protect your valuables while on the go. Vault dry bags are designed to keep your gear safe from the elements and keep water where it belongs... out of your stuff.

  • BOAT

    Spend a day on the boat without worrying about your personal items. With Vault dry bags, your gear is protected from the the water and easy to take with you.


    Protect your gear from the elements. From sun, sand or saltwater, your stuff will stay dry and easy to find.


    Paddle your way across the bay and safely take your valuables with you. Vault's water tight enclosure provides peace of mind that your belongings will stay safe and dry.